The Holistic Behaviorist LLC helps individuals and teams yearning for growth in skill acquisition, awareness + management in order to increase connection and access to what is most meaningful in their lives by providing research based, trauma informed + neurodiversity affirming training to empower change.


Lauryn Elder, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Trauma Practitioner. Owner of The Holistic Behaviorist. Advocate for compassionate, relationship first, Neurodiversity affirming care. 


Lauryn Elder, Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Certified Trauma Practitioner. Owner of The Holistic Behaviorist. Advocate for compassionate, relationship first, Neurodiversity affirming care. 


  • Any School
    or Educator working through crisis-level behavior needing stability, intervention, direct implementation, or training for teams or individuals.
  • Any Individual
    yearning for growth + change, or to increase connection + access to what is meaningful in their lives.
  • Common Diagnostic criteria: 
    Autism, ADHD, ADD, Anxiety, Comorbidities, Developmental Trauma, Developmental Delay, Oppositional Defiant Disorder.
  • Any family
    seeking to support their child through behavior change, self-discovery + awareness, and the building of skills to manage the ups and downs of life. 
  • Any Parent
    seeking empowerment in order to connect with or support their child who may or may not be experiencing difficulties with self-management, or skill acquisition. 
  • Any Team
    collaborating as professionals to review client care and behavior in order to access their most optimal health.
  • Including but not limited to:
    Speech pathologists, Educators, Occupational Therapist, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, Social Workers, Licensed Mental Health Professionals, Day-care workers, etc.  

How do I serve?

Utilizing a holistic approach, Lauryn Elder provides Trauma Informed, Neurodiversity Affirming + research-based behavioral health and wellness support. Showing up judgment free, with curiosity, empathy, and acceptance no matter the level of support needed.

What is the impact?

Skill acquisition. Building self-management, observation, and identification. Discovering values and motivations. Empowering Change + Supporting maintenance of skills to increase self-care + access to a life full of meaning.

School Support

For those seeking support to assist their learner in acquiring the skills needed to access their most meaningful lives? Whether you are a parent, guardian, or educator, The Holistic Behaviorist has extensive experience in various roles in the education setting including but not limited to :
  • Care coordination
  • Collaborative teams
  • Alternative Placement + Specialized Setting
  • Student + Family Advocacy
  • Behavior management
  • Intervention implementation, creation + guidance
  • Functional behavior assessment
  • Data collection + analysis
  • Direct support 
  • Crisis intervention
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home support

For the family seeking to support, or the parent seeking empowerment in order to:

  • Connect with their child to assist with behavior change
  • Acquire the skills needed to manage the ups and downs of life 
  • Identify their values
  • Access what they find most meaningful in life  

1:1 coaching

For the individual yearning for guidance in order to:

  • Identify their values and define their purpose
  • Seeking guidance + support for change
  • Build the skills needed to access functional self-care habits 
  • Gain Self-Awareness and management

Supervision or mentorship

Are you a fellow behaviorist, graduate student, educator, or professional looking to increase your knowledge of compassionate care, developmental trauma, self-care, and trauma-informed practices? The holistic behaviorist provides multiple tiers of supervision, mentorship, and community to assist! 
Book club
Are you looking for a community to understand Trauma Informed Care? THB book club is the spot for you. Here, we will have the hard conversations needed to heal and grow.
1:1 Supervision
Ideal for BCBA/BCABA candidates! We will break down the task list, and work to build self-care skills that will assist you working full time as a BCBA! Here, we will begin to understand your WHY- and WHAT kind of professional you will strive to be. 
1:1 Mentorship
Are you looking for 1:1 support with case consultation from a trauma informed perspective? Reach out- After our meeting, you will leave with a further understanding of trauma informed care and relationship based approach to behavior change, as well as resources needed to move forward and empower yourself in your profession. 

What you do matters.

Our actions each and every day have consequences, whether immediate, or in the future. We do not always have a choice in what happens to us, but our responses are important, and meaningful.


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